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Meaning: Topic of discussion Usage: Unemployment in India is a moot point among students these days. Top moot point synonyms idioms only are point at issue, point in question and bone of contention. moot point synonyms idioms - 4 Lists Synonyms Antonyms nouns adjectives idioms Tags 3 point at, exp. , 2 point in2 .

Moot Point: If something is moot point, there is some disagreement about it A debatable point If you are arguing over whether to go the beach or to the park, but you find out the car won’t start and you can’t go anywhere, then the. ‘At some point, this whole debate may be rendered moot.’ ‘But the time may be fast approaching when this debate becomes moot.’ ‘If a foetus is not human, then it is not protected under the law and the entire abortion debate is moot.’.

Adjective of moot debatable arguable doubtful controversial unresolved disputable unlikely unsettled problematic open suspect at issue contestable dubious open to debate questionable uncertain undecided の反対語 moot の同義. Moot point - অম ম স ত ব ষয SYNONYM an undecided matter. EXAMPLE Dowry system is still a moot point in Bangladesh. Nearby Words: See 'moot point' also in: Google Translator The 2019/12/01 · moot 意味, 定義, moot は何か: 1. to suggest something for discussion: 2. often discussed or argued about but having no definite. もっと見る. When the notion of the conference was first mooted, the demand for. at sword's point at sword's point Also, at swords' points. Antagonistic, hostile, as in Father and son were at swords' points. Dating from the days when swords were used to settle quarrels, the idiom today generally signifies only a.

A "moot point" is when something could be considered irrelevant. "Academic" is a term used to describe a topic that is usually only discussed or studied simply to know about it, or exists as a tool to teach something else - its actual. moot 의미, 정의, moot의 정의: 1. to suggest something for discussion: 2. often discussed or argued about but having no definite. 자세히 알아보기. When the notion of the conference was first mooted, the demand for central.

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